About the Author Bettina Sparkles Obernuefemann

Bettina Sparkles Obernuefemann

Bettina Sparkles Obernuefemann

Bettina Sparkles Obernuefemann was born in Germany and presently lives in the beautiful Ozarks near Mountain Home, Arkansas, with her husband Michael. She retired from her beloved 38 year Flight Attendant career in 2003.

The author devotes her new free time to writing, a creative effort of blending her love for flying and her dedication to recovery and spirituality.  She shares because she cares.

Her main experience was living the first 50 years with inner chaos, undiagnosed PTSD, which evolved from childhood abuse.  She stuffed and suppressed severe pain and fear. Even in this unhappy state of mind she was able to function OK in the world, thinking this is the way life is.

But once Bettina Sparkles found out that PTSD caused her unhappiness, she immediately threw herself into healing activities to set her PTSD free. During the past twenty-two years and to this day, she practices the tools which work for her making her feel good inside as well as the outside

The author invites everyone to call her Bettina Sparkles.  Bettina designates her fearful old- self, one who made many mistakes. “Sparkles” designates the acceptance of her former self, one who desires to demonstrate her love for God by sharing hope for overcoming. It’s her passion to show that the Reader also has the power to change and live a better life.

Bettina Sparkles believes that all difficulties and overcoming give us purpose.   When we view life as meaningful, we also see it as a beautiful good-feeling spiritual journey.