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Importance of Learning More About PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Now that PTSD is acknowledged by the Health Community, it may be avoided if victims of trauma are treated immediately. All our reactions such as shock, anger, screaming or crying are normal. We may not develop PTSD if we get instant counseling and have people comfort and assure us that we’ll be OK and safe again soon.  We can overcome by releasing it from our minds and move on with life.

But too many of us get too little or no help.  One reason is there’s still stigma attached to mental and emotional health.  Some victims are ashamed of showing their feelings and may not want to think, talk or feel their feelings about any horrific event.  Others, like me, were forced into silence, keep secrets and stuff the pain for a long time.

The post trauma suffering begins.  Wounds of unexpressed feelings fester inside of us.  As the months and years go by, the hidden hurts surface, usually in outbursts of anger.  Even addictions can no longer medicate the severe pain.

Would you recognize PTSD symptoms?  Here are just a few: hyper-vigilance, anxiety, depression, shame, blame, low self-esteem, feeling unloved, sudden rage of anger, panic attacks and seeing no purpose in life.  Life can become unbearable with our minds filled with all kinds of negative thoughts and fears.

I was on a fearful self-destructive path, until diagnosed with Childhood PTSD at age 50.  I’d grown physically but had not kept up emotionally and spiritually.  Functioning in this world was no problem because I wore a happy mask.  But, in my mind, I was feeling alone and miserable.  In my thoughts I was convinced that Life was only hurtful.

For me PTSD showed up mainly in unsuccessful and unhealthy relationships.  When I was told by friends or a romantic partner that I was loved, I didn’t believe or feel it. I felt misunderstood and often broke out in rages.

My PTSD diagnosis came after an experience in 1991 triggered horrible childhood memories to surface.  To make a long story short, I was blessed with finding a wise psychologist, Dr. Mark Weiss of Memphis, Tennessee.  He explained, “You used alcohol which prevented you from facing the buried wounds. You’re at a cross-road.  You could keep suffering with the PTSD or you can finally face the pain and honor your little girl and begin to heal.  It will take time but it can be done.” Dr. W. was so encouraging that I took his advice and dove into all kind of recovery activities.

Please know that we do have the power to overcome PTSD at any age.  I did. I care and would like to share what I learned and what tools worked for me.  We can feel safe again and live a happier life.

Can you say that you’re at peace with yourself?  If the answer is no and you suspect that you or a loved one is a PTSD sufferer, I suggest you let go of the stigma and get informed.  My new mini self help book SET YOUR PTSD FREE is a great place to start.

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